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Blood vessels throughout the body mimic the circulatory system

Blood vessels throughout the body mimic the circulatory system

Model: PLXG1010
The whole shell of the product is humanoid design, full transparent shell;The blood vessels are reconstructed based on real CT/MRI data, and the main arteries of the human body are integrated. The flexible and transparent silica gel material is used, which has rich details and is highly simulated.The overall circulation loop design ensures that the simulated blood circulates and flows in the human model. Through the integrated control device of the bionic pulsating pump, various parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate and pulse are simulated, so that the whole system can achieve the effect of simulating the flow of real blood in the human artery.The product can meet the needs of medical training, medical device evaluation and surgical training, and is suitable for education, practical training, project research and development.
Main functions:
1, nerve intervention training: can be applied to neuroangiography, aneurysm treatment, thrombectomy treatment, carotid artery stenosis treatment and microcatheter intervention training;
2. Coronary intervention training: suitable for coronary catheter hanging, angiography, guide wire plastic shape, stent release, bifurcation treatment, etc.;
3. Aortic intervention training: it can be used for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair and stent release;
4. Peripheral artery intervention training: it can be applied to basic operation of peripheral catheter, femoral artery, radial artery, hepatic artery, anterior (posterior) tibial artery, peroneal artery, renal artery and other parts of angiography, guide wire catheter intervention, pre-dilation, stent placement;
5. Compatible with most imaging technologies, such as contrast angiography, CT, etc. (under the premise of using appropriate circulating fluid)
Matching devices:
A set of systemic human blood vessel models
Special air transport box
Pressure tester (optional)
High precision pulsating pump (optional)
Work station
Operating instruction
Warranty card, qualification certificate, etc


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